She wore red velvet

January 05, 2017

I thought 2016 would be my year, the year I would be strong, the year I wouldn't crave velvet and sequins the moment winter whispered its first greetings in November. I was wrong. I didn't start to listen to Michael Bublé's Christmas album until December so it's not all bad. I know this is all coming a bit late (it's January, festive season is done, on to Valentine's etc) but bear with me, I'm a slow blogger.

I think I lost my ability to resist the sweet call of velvet when I saw this dress by Reformation; it's beautiful, but look at that price tag! I'm not made of money so I shelved that idea, until I got my "Christmas" dress out of the wardrobe. I usually hesitate up-cycling functional pieces of clothing because I'm bound to make an absolute hash of it and never wear them again; better ugly than useless. After trying it on a few times and scrutinising the awful pleats on the front I got the scissors out, a new dress for nothing! (For the incurably curious, here's a before photo, it was screaming for a makeover.)
dress//second hand and DIY    necklace//Oh My Clumsy Heart

This outfit is:
Second hand

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