Family Heirloom

January 12, 2017

This year I got chatting with my mum about clothes as Christmas presents - a really terrible idea, but so tempting. Asking is a nightmare, and you always end up with the wrong thing. (No, a pair of 3-inch heeled black boots with zips and buckles is not the same a pair of flat Chelsea boots, why doesn't anyone understand my complicated shoe needs?!). My mum told me her own Christmas tragedy, receiving a jumper that was nothing like the one she'd asked for. Heavy and itchy, apparently it was only good for skiing. Out of interest I asked if my mum if she had another photos, to my surprise she pulled it out from her wardrobe. Plot twist: I love it.

While I don't think hoarding clothes is a good use of space, sometimes it pays off. Sometimes I get to inherit itchy 80's jumpers, which is pretty great (mystery stains and all).
coat and shoes//second hand    turtleneck and belt//mum's    necklace//Oh My Clumsy Heart    jeans//Weekday

This outfit is:
Second hand

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  1. This outfit is amazing, the jacket adds such an ideal pop of colour!
    Kinga xx

    If you like giveaways please pop by :)

  2. The Jacket colour is very much attractive and you look the ultimate cutey on this outfit. :)

  3. I love the combination of the jumper and jacket. So lucky your mum held onto it! I find the present thing tricky too. I tend to hold onto clothes that I will never wear because I feel guilty putting them in the charity bag.

  4. Colour combination of Pant and jacket is awesome. In these outfits you are looking awesome. Just thinking which sort of colour would suit to over these outfits.

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