Top 3 apps to take your instagram to the next level

August 19, 2017

Recently I’ve been having a lot of fun with instagram, both on my feed and in stories. Sharing is only half the fun, the best bit is creating the content, spending far too long on each one post (and sometimes I don’t even post them!) I thought I’d share my three favourite apps to much around with and the best bit is that they’re available for both android and iOS! (If you had to ask me which is better I’d be hesitant, I’ve been trying out a new iPhone* and it blows my little Moto X out of the water!)
Shot on iPhone, edited with VSCO.
The king of photo editing apps, VSCO deserves all the praise it gets. While the app comes with editing tools these are quite similar to instagram the real star of the show are the filters. The app comes with a few free filters and the rest can be bought individually for just a few quid per pack. You can also subscribe to VSCO x which gives you access to all the VSCO filters, as well as video editing (currently only available on iOS but coming to android soon, hopefully).
See also: Lightroom
Shot on iPhone, edited with VSCO.
Shot on iPhone, edited with VSCO.
If you like making boomerangs or cinemagraphs then this app is for you! On the iPhone you can turn live photos into motion stabilised clips that run back and forth like boomerangs (but more slick). On android you have to capture a 3 second video directly in the app and it only plays forward. The stabilisation is what makes the clips look so nice when it's complete, and if you’re lucky the motion might even loop. I sometimes create a motion still and then import it one of the cinemagraph apps mentioned below to isolate areas of movement in the video.

See also: Boomerang, Mask Art (iOS), Loopsie
 Shot on iPhone, edited with Motion Stills, Mask Art and VSCO.
Shot on iPhone, edited with Motion Stills, Mask Art, and VSCO.

This fun little app lets you add animated text over photos, I’ve only tried the android version which is free but the iOS version looks as though it does much the same. This is a great way of adding text to stories or just a little visual interest to a photo in your feed. 
See also: Hype Type (iOS)

Shot on Canon M3, edited with VSCO and legend.
Shot on Moto X Style, edited with VSCO and legend.

*iPhone lent to me by Three for 4 weeks, including a 12 GB SIM card, all opinions are my own

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  1. Downloading the second two immediately, they sound awesome!

    1. They are awesome and so much fun, I have lost so many hours to making little gifs, just for me.

  2. Just when I thought I had enough apps. Thanks for the inspo. I tend to still edit my photos old skool, desktop with Photoshop but I love the animated text option. Checking out Legend and Hype Type right now!

    1. That's still my favourite too, nothing compares to the control you get in Photoshop! I'm glad you found some new apps to try out, let me know how they work out for you!


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