How to wear white denim

September 05, 2017

Back when I was 16 I had a pair of cropped white trousers at a time when I was mostly wearing ill-fitted jeans. One day I wore them to school and as I went to the loo before homeroom I discovered to my horror that they were now red! I rushed home to change and managed to make it back halfway through the first lesson of the day, where an understanding female teacher let me off without a late note. After that the white trousers rather lost their appeal.

Fast forward to this summer and white denim has been making the rounds, and I come across this ivory pair and it's perfect! I love denim but black and indigo jeans just feel a bit dark and heavy for summer, white denim is summery but with that added level of warmth that's really important for a northern European summer. Plus, much like black, it goes with everything. I've been wearing it with white tops for that full white-on-white look. It looks especially cool with the rib cage top by Henrica Langh because the black lines really pop and it's giving me some good inverted skeleton vibes. Summer spooky style!

A word of warning however, if you're very self-conscious white may not be for you. Or just learn from my mistake, get a period tracking app and always carry period products.

top//c/o Henrica Langh    jeans//Urban Outfitters (similar)    necklace//Oh My Clumsy Heart
beaded clutch
//c/o People Tree (similar)    orange tote//Baggu (similar)
This outfit is:
Recycled cotton

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  1. I love white jeans for summer. The vest is awesome I’ve seen it about the internet a few times and love it

  2. I love how you have styled the white jeans!! Personally though, I still don't trust myself not to spill pasta or any food on myself - maybe I should venture out a bit and pray for no pasta spilling!!


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