Overthinking it

March 09, 2018

Looking at my recent activity, one might think that I have nothing to share. In truth, I’ve got a folder full of drafts in varying degrees of completion, notebooks with dozens more ideas scribbled in the margins, and hundreds of photos edited and ready to post. Back in the day (showing my age much?) blog posts were a sort stream of consciousness, accompanied by some pretty photos, now that just doesn’t feel like enough. I still love pretty photos but there’s so much more I want to discuss. It just doesn’t feel right to talk about the flaws of conscious consumerism and then shove in some outfit shots.
As a teenager making and styling clothes was a form of self-expression and exploration, these days I wish I could stop spending so much time thinking about what to wear. Don’t get me wrong, I still like getting dressed up, a good outfit can change my mood completely but I’m so over sharing 15 ever-so-slightly different angles of the same thing. I still enjoy putting effort into taking visually interesting photos and sharing them, but these days it’s easier to share directly to Instagram. Trapped between meaningful content and having fun, I don’t know how to proceed, so I click Save Draft for the tenth time. Maybe I haven’t figured it out, maybe I’m just overthinking it.

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