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When it comes to ethical fashion the most common complaints are: it's frumpy/unfashionable, it's expensive, it's hard to find. With this directory I hope to address a these concerns. This is not a comprehensive guide, not even close, it's just shops that I've found and liked. The shops listed are only brands that I've had experience with (either buying or trying their products).

Brands are classified according to price from £ to £££ based on average prices compared to highstreet prices for similar items.


Cossac £££
Mayamiko ££
Oxfam £

Lingerie and Nightwear


Shoes and Accessories

Made ££
Matt and Nat £££

Ethical comparison tools

Ethical consumer's buyers guide (some content requires subscription)

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There are a number of ways of classifying ethical, and it's up to you to decide what's most important to you. For reference the three pillars of sustainability are:
So these are the three main aspects to keep in mind when considering sustainability/ethics. There are different ways to consider each pillar, for example:
Environmental Factors 
(e.g. organic farming, non-toxic dyes, vegetable tanned leather, etc)
Human Factors 
(e.g. Fair Trade, paying living wage abroad/in the UK)
Supporting local business
Supporting independent designers
Vegan fashion (no leather, wool, fur etc)
Buying items to last
Buying second hand
Some of these issues intersect, for example a pair of vegan shoes might be made of manmade fibers that take a lot longer to decompose than natural fibers, adding to landfill. Organic cotton jeans might be made by a someone paid only 31 cents per hour. A Fair Trade t-shirt might fall apart after one wash. It's not about being perfect, it's about making an informed decision.